Lesson Plan



School: EMAT
teacher: Regiane David
Curriculum Component: English
Theme: Romantic Period (Edgar Allan Poe)

Time: 3 lessons of 50 minutes
Grade: 9th grade
Area of ​​knowledge (BNCC): Languages
Class of 35 students with levels from basic to intermediate.

American Literature Lesson Plan
Specific competence to be developed in this class. (BNCC)


Skills to be developed in class (BNCC)

Object of knowledge:
About the author “Edgar Allan Poe”.
The poem “The Raven”.

Resources used
Computer/cell phone (Pdfs, videos and website)
colored pencils
bond sheet


* The American writer Edgar Allan Poe will be introduced to students briefly.
* Students will be directed to do a research on the author, where they should research his works, the importance (influence) of the same for American literature. For this, students can use cell phones or the school computer.

https://headabook.com/2021/11/06/about-the-author-edgar-allan-poe/ (Links para um site externo.)

* After the surveys carried out, students will present their research to the teacher and classmates, punctuating their personal opinion about the research, reporting which work drew the most attention and why?

* After all students have submitted their research, the teacher will introduce the students to the poem “the Raven”. By presenting together the version translated by Machado de Assis, students will understand how Portuguese writing hears changes in its form.

*Then they will watch a video narrating the poem, and students will be guided to illustrate the poem according to the message given by the author.

https://headabook.com/2021/11/06/american-literature/ (Links para um site externo.)

Assess whether students have developed the proposed learning and skills of:
* Understand the writer’s influence on American literature;
* Summarize opinion about the poem;
* produce images referencing the scenes;

Study Complement

https://digitalis-dsp.uc.pt/jspui/bitstream/10316.2/33484/1/ScientiaTraductionis14_artigo16.pdf (Links para um site externo.)


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